Who is Wandering Gio?

Hi, my name is Wandering Gio and I am an addict. Movies, storytelling and filmmaking are my addictions. When I was still a kid I was exposed to camcorders, tape to tape editing and film festivals and a seed was planted somewhere deep inside me. To ‘dream’ something, to work hours at shaping it and to watch other people react to it was a indelebile experience. Maybe it tickles my ego, talks to my narcissistic side, maybe it provides a channel for my sensibility, maybe it is simply a powerful way to emit and receive vibrations, emotions, to connect to what we do not know, to discover new horizons and escape a world that not always feels our own.

I have worked in post-production as an assistant editor, an editor, a colorist, an online editor, a troubleshooter. I have had my experiences on set as an assistant director and as a talent. Society, education and relationships seemed to have hammered in my head the idea that it was not a serious life. I was supposed to raise my own family and for that I was supposed to get a normal job with stable hours and decent income; ‘to be a dreamer is no profession.’ So, years ago, I struck a compromise. I accepted a 9 to 5 job in the film department of a private media school. I believe that teaching filmmaking is the best school I have attended so far. Guiding other people’s learning allowed me to experiment in a ‘safe’ environment, to be confronted to questions that I did not know existed and to be forced to look for the answers all these years. Guiding the development of other people’s projects taught me to be ruthless, to kill my own ‘babies’, to be patient, realistic and positive as you follow a project from inception to delivery. That job allowed me to be connected to all of the aspects of making a film, but sadly it also stopped me from truly specialising in any of them.  It allowed me to travel, to work in various schools, in various countries, on various continents, to meet new people and new ideas.  I thought the journey would never end, and WANDERING GIO started to take form.

I will always be grateful to my best students. Their passion was pure fuel but it was also a burden. I was supposed to prepare them for the life I was still dreaming about. As my career progressed, from supervisor, to teacher, to coordinator and head of film the relationship with the students became more and more distant and all that was great started to disappear. As relationships and health deteriorated I resented more and more to have abandoned my passion without ever really trying to live it. For many more reasons, I could not continue to live that life and decided to let it all go. It was heartbreaking, I realised that I was truly passionate about my job as an educator (maybe because I had personally suffered formal education and wanted my students to have a different experience, and enjoyable one).

This is when W(A/O)NDERING FILMMAKING started to take shape. I slapped who I was, a wanderer, with what I wanted, wonder, and started to write a filmmaking blog. It was a force of habit. I simply continued to do what I knew how to do while I attempted to reorganise my life.  I wanted to share the few filmmaking lessons I believe were worth sharing; the lessons that had changed the way I look at filmmaking. To see people react positively to my writing, to my lessons, was a great boost. When I realised that people who had been working for years/decades in the film industry were reading and sharing my articles I started to suspect that maybe I was not a cheat, I was simply still inexperienced and quite afraid.

I was offered to monetise the blog, and decided not to. Why? The answer deserves its own post, but to keep it simple, it was not what the blog was for and it would have changed what the blog is. With waondering.com and other online activities, I was simply searching for people who vibrate at the same frequencies, people I am in tune with. I have ‘encountered’ them from behind the keyboard but I still have not met them. How could I? I hide behind a nickname. I hide because I was afraid that I would not be judged, hated or loved for my words but for my story, for who I was in what now seems a previous life. By keeping the identity of the writer a mystery, I was detaching what I wrote from my history, you know what they say about the ones who teach… I believe it has been useful, but now the time has come to remove the mask.

Hi, my name is Giorgio Palazzi, and I am an addict. I have ‘sold the house’ and readjusted my lifestyle. I have bought a production kit and setup a production company, W(A/O)NDERFILM Ltd. I will make something with the little means I have left. I have been preparing all these years for this adventure and I cannot wait to share it with you.

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